In celebration of the American Bicentennial era of 1976-1989, Dr. McFarland recalls the Spirit of '76.
Are We Raising the Red Flag over Ourselves?
Dr. McFarland always started his talks with humor. These two recordings feature his best humor.
McFarland loved selling and salesmanship. Here are the best of his insights for those in sales.
Dr. McFarland saw how important insurance was and how it needed to be sold.
Dr. McFarland believed that both at work and at Civic Organizations, the message of liberty and personal responsibility could be shared. This Guide is an essential list of organizations where you can speak.
Dr. McFarland Gift Cards are a great way to give someone a free speech by Dr. McFarland.
Here are several brochures about Dr. McFarland, his background and his speeches.
Dr. McFarland wrote about public speaking. This pdf brings you his work.
Who is guarding America? McFarland talks about the importance of eternal vigilance.
Dr. McFarland talks about common sense.
How is America Doing?
Dr. Jarvis and Dr. McFarland were friends whose paths crossed often on the speaking circuit. These letters and historical information introduce Dr. McFarland in a personal way.
Ladder to Success & Look Up
Leadership that Leads. Rarely does a crowd stand to cheer in the middle of a speech but did so in Dallas when he delivered this magnificent address.
McFarland looks at Success in this speech presented at the Biltmore Bowl in Los Angeles.
Liberty under Law is a must for civic club members of all kinds. In clear language it points to sensible solutions within the framework of the American system.
Dr. McFarland spoke on Public Speaking at a seminar hosted by the NSA and MC'd by Dr. Charles Jarvis. That audio seminar and Dr. McFarland's book (pdf)are the set.
Share Dr. McFarland's great speeches as a sponsor of . is a blogspot with free audio downloads. You can write a message, share a Dr. McFarland story and let all visitors hear that speech free, this year.
This two part presentation by Dr. McFarland looks at the art of public speaking.
One of Dr. McFarland's most classic talks about human relations.
Salesman Power is another speech by Dr. McFarland about the importance of selling skills.
Dr. McFarland reminds his audience that a young person may have the potential of becoming anything, even the President of the United States.
McFarland speaks up for America.
Dr. McFarland talks about the art of salesmanship.
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