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My interest is to make Dr. McFarland's speeches accessible to those who could learn from his strong convictions and would enjoy a good dose of humor as well.  Our current collection of his talks includes 20 speeches, one two-part workshop on public speaking, and three collections: on Insurace, for Salesmen and on Humor.  

That is 24 unique McFarland audio experiences you can share with the public this year as a sponsor.  Right now, we have between 80 and 100 visits per day.  They need to be able to hear these talks!  Your sponsorship is through the end of this year.

Become a sponsor.   Choose a speech, write a story explaining why the speech you sponsor is important.   I need your help to get his important words out.  I'll even throw in a coupon right now, good for a free download of any of his speeches.  Just use SPONSOR as the coupon here in McFarland Speaks and download your free speech!

Thank you!


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